CRM & BPM Solutions

ConnectPlus®, a customizable CRM that delivers on the user experience where many others like it have failed. Developed by software developer Etactics, Inc. for its own unique business needs, ConnectPlus® has evolved into a robust solution. This solution can be used to manage

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Process and Project Management
  • Business Process Optimization

This solution can be used for any enterprise or business regardless of its marketplace verticality or revenue size. ConnectPlus® caters to your organization’s needs and is fully customizable. Users can mimic an existing business process at their organization within ConnectPlus®providing accountability for designated actions and tasks. 24/7/365 accessibility by management allows for oversight and review of best practices to ensure any organization remains productive.

The ConnectPlus® technology also powers these other Etactics’ solutions…

  • Asset Management
  • Custom Invoices
  • A/R Insite™…an aging receivables recovery application
  • K2 Compliance™… technology to manage HIPAA and FERPA related processes

ConnectPlus®, along with its native integrations into other technologies, allows for an exceptional user experience for small businesses and large enterprises to thrive. Now more than ever, businesses need to expertly manage prospects, opportunities and existing customers with great care. Using ConnectPlus® can be an essential component of that business strategy. Companies can readily customize ConnectPlus® for each department and business process served. By accumulating information across customer interactions and processing this information to discover hidden patterns, ConnectPlus® can help companies customize their offerings, solutions, or customer service to better serve and manage its customers and galvanize their existing relationships.



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