Etactics business solutions use intelligence in the received invoice or statement file that allows the delivery of a transactional document to be accompanied by complementary services alerting your client that action is required. A friendly automated phone call, email, or text reminder message ensures your client is influenced to make a payment in a timely and responsible manner. Etactics works with multiple ERP’s and billing software to ensure it can serve its more than 4,000 customers located throughout the United States.


Struggling with generating custom invoices? Exhausting untold man hours assembling data and compiling the same in an Excel document that represents or accompanies an invoice or statement? Etactics employs a unique custom invoice or statement application that…

  • Allows it clients to use a report writer to create unlimited custom invoice or statement formats
  • Will build a parser to automatically map the data to this format
  • Uses multiple electronic methods to automatically deliver the invoice or statement

Couple this intelligent billing application with a resource, or A/R Insite™, that allows your A/R team to effectively manage aging receivables. Once the account of record has reached its aging threshold as defined by your team, the Etactics’ processed invoice or statement data can be used to launch an A/R resolution process that manages open receivables in an accountable and uniformed manner. All stakeholders in the A/R recovery process have visibility into the actions and tasks taken to recover any outstanding balance. Process driven steps can be measured, evaluated, and improved upon ensuring your A/R team becomes increasingly effective in their roles.