Customer Access Plus or Patient Access Plus offers a secure document processing and payment solution. It accelerates account receivables, reduces risk, and saves time and money. Every account invoiced electronically will virtually eliminate the cost of printing and mailing the invoice or statement.

It gives your organization the ability to schedule recurring and automated payments processed via a customer’s checking and credit card accounts protecting cash flow. Customers can access the technology directly from your website and then be redirected to your existing merchant account to facilitate payment. Or we can provide a comprehensive payment facilitator and merchant account experience for a true “One Stop Shop” presentment and payment solution to serve your patients or clients. Patients or customers will be able to log in through an Etactics’ supported website with a payment screen customized and branded to best represent your organization, practice, or billing company.

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

  • Branded or white labeled to represent your organization, practice, etc.
  • Provide both one-time or registered user payment experience
  • Customer or patient authentication executed upon log in protecting customer or patient information
  • The online portal is easily navigated by the customers and patients served
  • Customers or patients have access to their documents online
  • Varied payment solutions include ACH or eCheck, credit cards, etc.
  • Merchant services are offered through PCI compliant partners
  • Multiple payment reminder options can be automated via email


Online Customer Integration

  • The online payment entry presents a simple electronic payment portal for customers.
  • It offers payment options your customers want, such as checking and savings withdrawal as well as paying by credit card.

Merchant Account Services

  • Services are offered through PCI Compliant partners.
  • eCheck services for verification check conversion to cash.

Electronic Invoices/Statements

  • Customer Access Plus technology allows customers to view, manage and pay their bills online.
  • Multiple reminder options for email follow up.