Effective Invoices & Statements | Business Process Management (BPM) Tools & Solutions

The Etactics team will work with your staff to design a more effective invoice or statement for your business. We process your data in an individualized manner and then produce and distribute transactional documents such as invoices, statements, cover letters, custom backers, and special informational inserts or newsletters in a timely manner.

Our full variable digital color invoices and statements empower your organization to accomplish multiple goals such as effective customer-centric communication, branding and additional trans-promotional messaging all aimed at influencing your customer to remit payment in a timely and responsible manner.

Our process ensures your organization “remains connected” when we manage your transactional data as an invoice or statement. Access to our Customer Area allows our customers to view a document’s status throughout the production process. After production, Etactics’ utilizes the USPS IMB Tracing solution to track your mail through the delivery process, both outbound and inbound, allowing your organization to manage cash flow more effectively.

Better yet, inquire about Etactics intelliStatement® solution. Business rule centric, intelliStatement® utilizes data in an invoice or statement file to automate campaigns that influence timely and responsible patient or customer payment. Complementary services like a past due letter, automated phone call, email, or text reminder can accompany the delivery of the invoice or statement to influence your patient or customer to act improving your organization’s aging receivables and improving its cash flow.