Clearinghouse Services | Claims Clearinghouse Services & Online Claims Corrections

Etactics IntelliClaim® solution eliminates the confusion associated with provider enrollment, claim submission, remit posting and associated reporting. Our implementation and support teams work together with your staff to provide smooth implementation and ongoing support. Upon receipt of your files we apply clearinghouse edits that are designed to enhance compliance with current coding guidelines, and reduce the errors that delay reimbursement.

Etactics applies custom edits as directed by individual practices and payers. National Coverage Decision (NCD) and Local Coverage Decision (LCD) edits are available as well as the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits.

  • Apply edits to reduce errors and rejects
  • Decrease compliance risk
  • Reduce A/R days
  • Improve cash flow

Etactics consolidates payer reports into a single, standardized easy to read format. We turn confusing data into useful information. Claims are separated by payer and grouped by accepted or rejected status.

Online Claims Corrections
Our claims services include an easy-to-use interface to our clearinghouse and allows you to submit corrections online for rejected claims. This online claims correction tool features:

  • Correctable fields for proper balancing in handling secondary claims rejection
  • Clear communication of the error message in understandable language and where the error needs to be corrected
  • Display of ANSI-related detail if desired

Paper Claims
Paper claims are submitted to the same editing process as electronic claims, reducing rejections and delays. We print, fold, stuff, seal, stamp and mail your paper claims. Additionally, your paper claims are analyzed as they are processed to determine if they could be sent electronically.