Insurance Eligibility & Verification Submission

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Use Etactics to verify insurance eligibility in real time or batch mode. Depending on payer capability, you will have immediate access to:

  • Verify subscriber and dependent coverage
  • Determine coverage effective dates
  • Confirm copay, deductibles and remaining deductibles

Payers vary in terms of the membership information returned, but in many cases the information can assist you in determining the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility due at time of service.

  • Due to Etactics unique process of eligibility verification submission, we attain a much higher “found” rate than other clearinghouses
  • Eliminate a leading cause of claim denials
  • Save staff time
  • Receive a response in less than a minute in real time mode

Etactics has built-in added flexibility in how response information is displayed, and can be customized to an office or user’s preference. This feature helps organize and make responses easier to understand and view. An optional patient payment estimator and medical necessity verification product are also available with our solutions.