Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy Invoice/Statement Solutions

Etactics, Inc. is a national leader of outsourcing solutions for invoice or statement services. Our pharmacy revenue statement solution allows Assisted Living, Long Term Care, and Infusion pharmacies to simply upload statement data exported from their Pharmacy Management software solution into our encrypted and secured Customer Area. Statement data is re-engineered, printed, and delivered to its private pay clients and facilities in an automated and timely manner at a 35% to 40% monthly cost savings.

Etactics also provides a cloud based portal that allows a pharmacy’s patients to receive an electronic version of their statement in a HIPAA compliant manner, affording them with the ability to facilitate an eCheck or credit card payment while engaged. The same pharmacies and patients can safely store checking account or credit card information in a virtual wallet influencing monthly recurring payments in a PCI compliant manner.

Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) offers a growing portfolio of services and technologies that address ever changing health care requirements and enable alternate site health care providers to run their businesses more effectively and competitively. Our suite of invoice and statement solutions now provides their GPO’s 1,200 members or providers with access to best practices that positively impact cash flow and provide an enriched customer experience for the facilities and patients they serve.