Targeted Marketing and Custom Invoices

Invoices can be very effective marketing and promotional pieces for small or large businesses. You may want to communicate offers to customers, or let them know their lease is soon expiring…. an invoice is the perfect place to offer these types of incentives. Does your staff have time or the resources to create these marketing campaigns, or is your staff spending numerous hours on manual tasks such as creating invoices, printing and emailing/mailing. Some ERPs give you the capability to generate invoices, but lack the customization that you desire…
Here are a few different ways to communicate to your customers using an invoice:

  1.  Announce a new product or service
  2. Ask your customers for feedback on your product or service
  3. Upsell your services
  4. Let them know about expiring warranties or leases
  5. Offer a discount code only available through an invoice
  6. Offer referral incentives to customers
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Are you effectively using your invoices as additional marketing collateral in your business?
We will go over this critical topic on July 13th, 2:30 PM ET.

We will discuss:

  • How to drive targeted marketing campaigns on your invoices.
  • Custom invoice types to serve MPS and MS engagements.
  • How to automate these invoice types using technology.
  • Demonstration of the custom invoice application.
Rachael Ossovicki